Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul is a Chendul Specialist that provides the best quality of chendul
in Malaysia.

Promise to Customers

We practice our beliefs from the respect and genuine appreciation to our customers, employees, shareholders and local culture.

We believe that serving the best and freshest Chendul to our customers can bring them simple happiness.

To bring a smile to each of our customer through authentic local dessert is our approach in creating an accommodating environment.

We must continually preserve the quality of our products and standardize its originality in all our outlets to bring consistent satisfaction to our customers.

We must strengthen a fast service with consistent warmth, care and friendliness. We must ensure cleanliness and safety in our premises to allow our customers enjoy their time and visit comfortably.

A Family-Like Company

We believe in a people-oriented business which must be generally experienced in our company.

We must ensure our employees' contentment in their jobs while sustaining fairness in every aspect in our partnership.

We believe in creating a family-like environment for our employees where every one of them is respected, well taken care of and appreciated.

Our employees deserve to be recognized and rewarded, thus we must constantly empower them through incentives, awards and advancement.

In order to uphold our culture, we must build up our employees with our beliefs though proper training and development.

Partner for a Lifetime

We support a cooperative relationship with our franchisees in achieving a profitable business.

We are responsible for enhancing our services and developing our products while maintaining its distinct quality.

We must assure our business' core products are productive to provide sound profit to our stockholders.

We must keep our shareholders up to date on our business growth and condition while ensuring a fair return.

Giving Back to the Society

Lastly, we will strongly support a sustainable culture amidst constant modernity in our society.

We believe in preserving our local heritage through serving timeless products.

We must persistently stand for our Malaysian culture and traditions by being an example in appreciating and proud of them.

We combine preserving our culture with giving back to the society.

We are committed to serve and bring simple happiness to the orphanage.

We believe that delivering the best Chendul to the less fortunate children will have them taste the sweetness of our local culture.

We must share a family love to them while inspiring them to dream and continually hope for a good life through welcoming them in our company once they accomplish their secondary level for job opportunities.