What It Takes To Run A Successful Heritage Brand

Have you thought of the role you can have from franchising a successful heritage brand?

It can be a personal fulfillment, financial reward, employing and leading great team of people or even bringing an impact to our history.

Are you prepared to make a difference by growing a brand that is no similar to any food and beverage business now? Have you got what it takes?

• You think you can play an important role to preserve our local culture in a local community as an employer, service provider and a local business leader.

• You believe in a local brand to be brought to the world.

• You're committed to take a hands-on approach to any task that needs doing.

• Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul will be your business, and you're prepared to put in hard work and possibly long hours to make it a success.

• You're an individual or family team rather than a partnership or an absentee investor.

• You can meet the financial criteria outlined on Franchising details included in the downloadable Franchising Kit.